Although Ghoulia can only speak zombie,she is still very clever and good at giving advice.


In the Monster High Webisodes Ghoulia is voiced by Audu Paden. In the music video the "Punk Zombie Girl" is played by Cassandra Caccioppoli.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ghoulia has light blue skin.Her eyes are a bit darker shade of blue.Ghoulia`s blue hair is straight with a green hairband.Ghoulia wears a short cherry top on top of her stripy tee.Her red baggy trousers are accompied with a skull belt.She also wears similar converse style boots.Ghoulia also wears glasses.

Classic MonsterEdit

Ghoulia`s classic monster is the Zombie.



Ghoulia is good friends with Cleo de Nile.


Ghoulia`s parents are the zombie.Ghoulia has a big sister,a younger sister and a brother who are all zombies.


Ghoulia`s pet is called Sir Hoots Alot.


She has a crush on Slow Moe.

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