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It's nearly October! So, that means AUTUMM IS HERE! I am busy with school work so I won't be able to edit that much but I will still try to add more images, pages and information. Send me a message if you want to ask a question or find out more. P.s. PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS ON THIS WIKI TO YOUR FRIENDS AND KEEP EDITING AT THE WIKI :D THANKS!

Monster High Ghouls

90px-Draculaurathumb90px-Frankiethumb90px-Clawdeenthumb90px-Cleothumb90px-Ghouliathumb90px-LagoonathumbAbbey Icon90px-Spectrathumb90px-Toreleithumb


  1. Please upload a clear, big size image.
  2. Name the image with captial letters.
  3. Please try not to upload fan art of unrelated images to Monster High.

Any Questions?

Go to MMFF talk page and send me a message :)


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