Template:MhSiteProfileRochelle Goyle is the daughter of the Goyle. Her age is 415 years old. She has a pet griffin named Roux. She is known to be over protective of her friends. Even though she doesn't mean to be. She loves sculpting and achitexture.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Rochelle has marble skin, gargoyle wings, and pink eyes. Her hair is cotton candy pink with light blue streaks.


Her boyfrien Garrot from Scaris


Her best friends are Venus Mcflytrap and Robeca Steam.


Rochelles Pet is Roux



Roux- her sweet pet!

Rochelle has a secret crush Deuce Gorgon (even though he's with Cleo). She still doesn't give up and she is with Garrot her Scaris boyfriend they have a long relationship but it still works!